Project Terran   PT Bug Reports

No exerience from trading (13)
NPC mission kill not counted (4)
Minor visual imperfection in character selection page (1)
Mission: Looking for me? (1)
Bad Event Reported on Screen but did not occur (2)
Close Emporium fails (4)
Mining drills stop working when asteroid reaches 5000 range (3)
Skills - Issues in description? (6)
Salvage Items in Commercial Refinery? (4)
Jack Kiger - Mission Chain Broken (7)
Combat Scanner Skill level inconsistency (3)
Melar Administrator 42 bug in message (bonus) (3)
Error when replying to mail (4)
Hauling Mission: Freight Captain Required (3)
Positioning bug (4)
Major Mining Mission Bug - Crates Not Removed from Ship Store (4)
Vendor prices - Is is this ok (2)
Starfighter Chassis Crafting - desc (1)
Combat outside Combat Screen (4)
Gas Pic "Missing" for Ice Drill - Horus (3)
Combat: Kracken not following (4)
Polestar Voyager & Minotaur (5)
Combat not loading (16)
Arizonia Station, Tempest Sytem, wrong Colour? (3)
Ship name display weirdness (2)
Teller's Landing In Horizon (2)
Is Hauling Really Giving Faction? (8)
Delay in being able to Collect Crafted Item (4)
Default Email Attachment Collected message Incorrect (1)
Dryden Faction statement (6)