Project Terran   PT Suggestions

Faction XP digital number (5)
Hydra missions and canceling (7)
Emporium Reservation Location Assistance (3)
Typos & Spelling (3)
New Map/SubMap System (2)
Add Planet Name Tooltips in MiniMap (2)
Include CE's very helpful In-Game Notepad (3)
Hydra mission entry (6)
Can Hydra open an office in Krime please? (8)
New system map - improvement suggestion (9)
New category: players services requests/offers (3)
Lararmore in Blake,,,,,,, (2)
Customisable crafting (1)
Is there any intention of having guilds? (4)
Please make the cog not be animated? (1)
Notebook please (13)
Salivating for Combat (8)
PT Finder! PT Finder! (6)
Should the charge for docking be removed? (5)
Show who is docked (4)
Level progression seems good to me (2)
Strange places in universe (5)
Issues with NPC missions (2)
Rexxs Observational Lounge - Part 1 (12)
Better mission sorting (3)
My First impressions. Skills (1)
Lock the resources in the mining laser (10)
Cargo content display while mining (1)
Upgradeable chassis (2)
A couple of trading-related suggestions (18)