Add an Avatar - Win some Points!


Fancy some free points in Forged Space?

At the top right of the forum, click your icon, then preferences. Add yourself an avatar (you can either select gravatar if you use that, or upload one from your computer) then reply to this thread.

One claim per person, and PLEASE ensure that any avatar you use is not copyright (i.e. You have permission to use it!)


does it count if I uploaded one before you posted?


Of course, it’s only fair :smile:


I just added an avatar.


I’m still trying to get it just right, but I added an avatar.


I think I added one. Or did I subtract one? I did something.


added one, so you know, it is me climbing in the dark with a headlight, so i might need to write myself for use of the copywright…


Done… I guess… You know, this blind thing with pictures, it always goes fancy :slight_smile: Let me know!


I uploaded an Avatar


updated my avatar :slight_smile: or maybe :frowning: I can’t see what it is…aRJay could have sent me a picture of rexx in a thong…


Avatar updated, I’m that little guy in the corner, if you look close :slight_smile:


I had put one on when I created my account. copyright? who knows - downloaded from google images. can always change it as I have a number of beer related pic :smile:


I updated my profile pick, I don’t see the updated pic yet myself. :blush:


Added boss lady and myself.


Added me in silhouette from decades ago.


Avatar added. 20 characters required.blah, blah, blah.


Avatar featuring my anatomy added…


Avatar added for free points.


Avatar added for points…


I am not seeing an account on Forged Space with your name. Do you play under a different name ?