Error notification

It is more complicated than that:
The Flash issue is basically a long-standing memory leak issue, which has been improved over the years but never fully resolved.
The symptoms depend several parameters, which include how many Flash applets have been going on (ads add up VERY quickly, there can be several on a single page), how many Flash intensive pages have been opened in the current FF session (Flash-based game opening and closing new pages within the game, for instance), size of the physical memory, number of processors, and length of the current FF session itself.

Being aware of those issues, I took the habit to close FF and restart it every 4 or 5 hours at the most, which on my computer is sufficient to prevent the full-freeze FF issue.
That specific issue occurs when the cumulative memory leak reaches a critical point, which depends the physical configuration.

As for Opera, it uses the Chromium version of Flash, which is different from the one for FF (and I do not have experience with it to compare symptoms)

As for the issue you describe, it is the one which requires to clear FF cache, restart FF, and sometimes the computer itself.
It is caused by part of the Flash bugs corrupting FF cache.

All of this has been abundantly discussed on various technical forums, and it is one of the reasons why a number of technical sites are calling for an outright ban of Flash usage.
Even Adobe themselves now, apparently, as I was looking to provide a link:

All mining related data refreshes every 2 seconds. Therefore it can (and will quite often) happen that the laser that was activated last finishes one cycle later.

I use Flashblock addon (in addition to general ad blocker removing most of harmful flash) and either manually activate the required flash objects (video players / games etc.) or create a (white list) exception for certain websites (like youtube). Flash crashes still happen every now and then, but FF’s been significantly more stable since then: I typically have 40-50 open tabs (which are restored on FF start / ~2/3 are fully loaded on average) and FF lives few days w/o restarts. On my work PC (running 24/7 whole year) I have to restart FF every couple of weeks (though mainly due to general FF memory issues).

Hehe, many are hoping to live to see Flash gone once and forever :smile:

just got this one while mining on my main char (still only 1 laser, asteroid far from depletion):

Error: (text) Player: DBQ-03: Prepared statement needs to be re-prepared

Update: additionally, after switching to my 2nd char to mine (on 2 lasers), I still see occasional longer delay between lasers ending mining; less that the max I had seen in the past, but still in the 4-5 seconds range when it happens, which is more than the 2 seconds which should be the maximum; this has been happening 3 times so far in about 40 mining periods on my 2nd char.

The same one (Error: (text) Player: DBQ-03: Prepared statement needs to be re-prepared) just happened again twice in the past 5 minutes…

Update: now 3 times in 10 minutes…

EDIT: We’re working on it, can’t be toon- or player-specific.

All 4 occurrences of this error message were on my main char, if that is any help.