Hydra Recovery (Mining Missions) - Primer

Here we go with the primer for the Hydra Recovery Offices.

You will find dotted about through the galaxy offices for Hydra Recovery. These offices provide missions for miners, that will allow them to earn some extra credits, and faction while mining. Haulers get faction for making deliveries, only fair that miners get some of the action eh?

When you enter the office, you will see an interface like this:

Familiar layout for those of you that have done any hauling. The usual filters and sorting work as with the haulage offices. The only difference here is that I have removed the sort and filter storage, as I think it would be more of a hindrance than a help.

The Office will show you the system, the field name you need to be in to find the crates, how many crates you need to find, the payment you will get for the crates, and finally, the faction you will receive. We do not show how much faction, but rest assured it is in line with the faction received from hauling.

For those of you that are interested, there is a small icon at the top right of the screen that will give you the info on the office, and the basics of how it works. Just hover your mouse over the icon like so:

As you will see from the info tooltip, you need to have Civilian Mining raised to level 8 in order to take missions from these offices. Once you have attained level 8, find a mission for the asteroid field you are working in, and take a mission.

It will be worth pointing out that this system has been designed to compliment the mining in the game, rather than drive the mining. Find the ore you want in the field you want, then find a Hydra Mission rather than the other way round. (well, you can work the other way round, but may possibly find that you end up with ores you may have no immediate use for!)

Once you have your mission (you can carry only one at a time) you can always check the status of that mission from the side menu (click the burger icon at the top left of the screen), and you will see something like this:

This particular mission requires 10 Crates to be recovered from Asteroid Field HAY 1 in Hayden.

The field is specific. You only have a chance of looting the crates if you have an active mission, and are in the correct field.

Once you have collected all your crates, return to any Hydra Office, and the crates will automatically be removed as you enter, and payment made for the mission.

Many of you have already found the offices and have been completing missions, so you are likely all by now familiar with it, but this primer will serve as a reference and clarification on the design.

As always, any issues, please post a bug report… !

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I’m not sure whether it is a bug or the above description is inaccurate.

It states: 'As you will see from the info tooltip, you need to have Civilian Mining raised to level 8 in order to take missions from these offices. ’

BUT I could already take a Hydra Office mission with Civilian Mining at level 4 (if I remember well).
Currently I have that skill at level 6 and I notice that I find crates for the Hydra office:
'Hydra: You found a lost crate and successfully pulled it into your Ship Store! 6 are still missing.

It will be a bug for sure, the info text is “as it should be”

Thanks for pointing it out, I am looking into it :smiley:

Thanks for reporting, a fix will be included in the next patch (restricting access according to description).

I want to make a suggestion for the Hydra Office. Would it be possible to add the Law Level of the location. similar to the LL column in the combat office?
I think there is still some space, since both the crates and the faction column are larger than the values that they contain.

This could be very helpful as LL gives an indication on the ores that could possibly be mined in the asteroid field and also of the level of pirates that you could expect to encounter there.
Having the LL would allow for filtering and sorting on LL when looking for a hydra mission.

Added to Hydra, ready to go.

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