Introduce yourself


It is I von Wolfenbitten, again, what else can I say? Proving that its dangerous to ChimpMail promo material via C-E to me, I have arrived. The fastest wit in the West, so fast that in fact you have already been snarked and don’t even know it yet. But you will, oh yes, you will…


ps; just give the fuel to von Wolfenbitten since I think my alt Achmed is not happy as a miner and may not hang around.


I am Strongrunner and I got invited through Core Exiles … The game so far looks very interesting…


New to Terran, but played core-exiles for several years. Currently not active in core.


I’m addicted already, great game. I played CE for quite awhile, it’s good to be back.


realized that I am missing from this thread.

Izzy the rock crusher, Aloysius the banker/crafter, and Phyllis the conversion expert are my in-game handles.



In game name is “Crunch” — currently a Hauler but just started mining and beginning crafting missions as well


Cashew here, Just started due to being turned on to the game from the CE chat. In game name so far is CashewH.


Hello, I’m DeepOne, got here from CE and already love both :smile:


Hello – this is Achernar. I joined in response to an e-mail invite. I am long term Core-Exiles player (Captain Porrima) looking for an additional challenge. Enjoying this game so far.


Hi All, Came to this game through CE and invite for testers. Spread a bit thin over a few games now and dont want to give up on CE so try to spend a bit of time on each.
In game I have Grumpy old trucker and Grumpy old digger who are painfully slowly exploring and trying everything in as haphazard a manner as possible.
I am liking the look and feel so far although my miner would be long bankrupt without trucker to finance him. Especially now he has a proper mining ship and cant haul as a sideline.
Fuel is always good so thankyou in advance, but I have never come close to running the tanks dry yet.


Hi all - Sorry for the late howdy, but I’m lazy :smile:. Saw the open beta invite on the CE forum, and thought I’d give it a try. It’s been a week and a half so far and two toons, SolarTombo (miner/refiner/crafter) and SolarCaldon (hauler/trader). It’s been a blast so far, and I’m please to make suggestions, report any problems, etc, to help better this game.


allo…i got here through core exiles…loved that, so i’m looking forward to this…looks similar but all shiney and new! :smiley:


gday all.

Here from core-exiles…

looks good!!



I’m from CE, writing for fuel :slight_smile:


Hi folks,
I am zoolii from core exiles


Hi folks. Joined the forum yesterday but only just made a game character. Sounds an interesting game, especially the player-driven economy part - I’m ALL for player-driven action of any kind. I used to play Underlight so I know how much fun that can be if the game can get a good system going.

As for the fancy name, “Yvonne Yves” is the name of a heroic fictional spacer in “Dragonsdawn” a book about colonising an alien planet, bit of a favourite of mine. (As the name suggests, prequel to the “Dragons of Pern” series, but very much the odd one out through being set so long before the others - it’s pretty much hard sci-fi.)

Please send fuel to Clare Peake of the spaceship Auriga; if I get lost as much as I usually do in a new game she’s going to need it. :slight_smile:

edit: oh, and I found the game through a “Project Wonderful” advert on another game’s website. Almost the only brand of Internet adverts I don’t mind, on account of they have such interesting things - mostly webcomics, Project Terran’s in the minority there.


Hello all, Your Friendly neighborhood Nanaman here.
I used to play Core Exiles until life got too busy. Just started playing again and found this game. So far it’s tons of fun and I’m enjoying the new interfaces.

Hope to interact with all of you soon!


Found a Jump Gate out of Core-Exiles and landed up in this new universe…and back in a little ship with that new smell.