Introduce yourself


hi there everyone i’m new to project terran


I’m CatriaReeds from Core-Exiles, waiting on numerous tasks in that game.


Hi scumbusta here. I guess another Core exiles faithful dipping a toe in the great unknown :slight_smile:
Fuel ticket for his name please


Hello! Walton from CE here


: )

Lost Queen from CE.
I have one quick question, Where do I get the Basic Salvage Certificate? The Salvage laser requires it.

: )


Welcome @Lost_Queen :smile:

Rylan. Check the finder in the burger menu for locations :wink:


Hi all, Remar coming here!


Hi, my name is Beli and I found the game via a banner at one of my webcomics (Between Failures IIRC)



My toon listens to the name Testudo. I was looking for a strategy game with social interaction, but which does not require to be online every hour of the day. A friend pointed me he was playing core-exiles for some time.
At CE I saw the link to PT in beta testing phase.
Being a professional (ISTQB certified) tester, PT draw my attention and so I started PT instead of CE.

Currently doubting if I shouldn’t switch to CE though, since clearly the active community of players is low, with only few players in forum and chat at PT channels.



Unfortunately, this is true, mainly due to the exorbitant costs of advertising these days. We are spending what we can afford to advertise the game, but it is a small fraction of what is needed…

Welcome to PT, your fuel has been added to your depot stocks :slight_smile:


hello Exotica,
Migrated from Core Exiles just wanted to see what this was about


Hello, got busy trying to figure out PT lol anyways back to hauling.


Stopped playing CE 2 years ago, real life got in the way,
wanted to maybe get back into it.
Really didn’t want to start over🙁.
Then saw ad for this & figured what the heck.
Recognized some of the names from CE.
Hello to all !!!


Greetings all :slight_smile: I’m Cadi here and was Hawkwood a long time ago in CE. Looking forward to seeing how this game grows.


Hello everyone,

I am from czech republic and I like this game very much so far :slight_smile:

I came here from Core Exiles which i only joined few days earlier. I found CE through some game rating site (but idk which one…) Then Coops told me about this project and I decided to give it a try. I soon figured that PT and CE are actualy very similar games, something like PT is a new generation of the old CE… So I figured playing two such similar games would be pain, I decided to choose just one and stick with it. And because this one appears to have much nicer and more comfotable UI, the choice was simple. Even tho this game has much much smaller player base, but I hope that’s going to change…


Hi, i am from germany. I am a fan of simulation games.
I searched for a browser game via google and it was luck to find this game.
Nice work until now!!!


new here as well, found it on one of the top 100 sites


Hi, I’m new here. Found the game through IGN Jaidan.


I am King David from Core Exiles. I caught this on Browswermorg. while voting for CE. I said that looks like CE and i logged in and found this beautiful game. I am so invested into Ce that this will have to be a side project. But so far i like it. KD (please give my fuel so my pilot Darius on my account)



My name is Manuel, i found this game at
I normaly dont play browser games but my computer have some years and i give a try to browser games.
I like the people here! its a good start :wink: