Introduce yourself


hello, Jforjesse3 from Core Exiles. Figured I would try another one.


Hi there, been playing this for a couple of days, and decided to stay.

I’m Sarqindi in CE if anyone plays that game too (and I bet many do).


Hi all love the game found it in my surfs trips I am into yoga and a teacher too.


macuxi here, found this game through Core Exiles.


Hi, all!
This is akkamaddi from CE, curator of the quiet Wall of Scrolls and companion to the astro bunnies Ricky and Bun Bun. I’m looking forward to smashing rocks and grinding wrecks here as well!


Captain Lord Castellan Creed here.

I’ve come across from Core Exiles, and am very much enjoying the new experience of PT.

Can’t wait to see some of you ingame.