1 Second Wormhole

This bug allows travel from system to system in 1 sec time. It requires game running on two tabs (in one browser). I float over planet on both tabs (index.php).

  1. Tab 1: Initiate travel, there is ticker screen (“0h 1m 0s to Terra”) ( project-terran.com/terran/jdn.php ).
  2. Tab 2: Refresh page. you will have same ticker on Two tabs.
  3. still Tab 2: wait Till ticker goes to 0, do your things in Terra, take Cargo. Initiate travel. Ticker screen shows (“0h 2m 0s to Heinlein”).
  4. Switch to tab 1: you’ll see “0h 0m 0s to Terra”, and one sec later you are in… Heinlein.
  5. Tab 1: do your stuff in Heinlein, fly back to Terra. Ticker “0h 2m 0s to Terra”
  6. Switch to tab 2: you’ll see “0h 0m 0s to Heinlein”, and one sec later you are in… Terra. If click fast, ticker will show few seconds (“0h 0m 10s to Heinlein”), but you’ll get to Terra too, just a little later.


I play on chrome, win 7

Are you using additional tools to manipulate this ?

I ask as once the timer reaches 0 it does something, it would not just sit there at 0 indefinitely ?

No tools, just plain chrome (with adblock).

Trick is: I fly from A to B: two tabs with same timer. on first ticker goes to zero, I’m in B. I’m able to fly around system, and initialize second jump, to C. I should wait few minutes during flight. But I switch to second tab, which thinks I just finished jump from A to B, and finalize jump, but finalize jump to C. Result is no waitng time.

So If ticker runs on INACTIVE jump, it don’t finalize journey, it do it when become active (or second later). It allows almost instant jumps.

Ahh righto, with you now, I was misunderstanding what you were doing :confused:

It seems it was a chrome specific issue, which I think should now be resolved. Please let me know if not.


I think it is Fixed. Thanks!