A couple of trading-related suggestions

  1. Dead-end systems: that is what I call systems which do not have a single trading post in them, but are still receiving cargo deliveries.
    Personally I blacklist them and never take catgoes to deliver to them if I have any choice at all.
    I am fairly sure that others do this as well, due to the long lists of cargoes waiting to go there, which I often see.
    What I would suggest is for cargoes going to dead-end systems to have a premium value, that is a bonus to take and deliver them.

  2. Perishable goods: cargoes seen sometimes needing emergency delivery.
    Those should be on a short but doable deadline, and with a premium on their delivery varying according to the actual delivery speed.
    Cargoes delivered past the emergency get no delivery fee.

Sorry, meant freight office, not trading post, and this forum does not allow to edit posts…

fot me it depends on the cash ill get from the mission. I will take a juicy pay day to any system. Then while there ill grab some trade goods from a station and take them to a destination i can sell them at to m the journey worth the effort.

Thats just me personally tho :slight_smile:

Same here. Fuel is cheap…relatively and a good payday is sweet! That’s the nice thing about this game, you are free to choose whether you want to trade, go to a certain system or boycott them.
Have fun!

Then explain to me how came that so many system are getting increasingly long lists of waiting cargoes to dead-end systems, and very few to other systems.

Yesterday I passed through one which had over 3 pages of cargoes to a single dead-end system, and only about 5 cargoes in total for all other destination.
Right now I am passing throught Foothold in Greenfield, there are 1 page of missions to New Darwin, 1 page and half to Oceania, and a maxumum of 3 per destination to any other destination.

I am not the only player in game, so I stand by my assesment that those destinations are currently ignored by most players.

As i said above i only chose sweet paydays… there could be 30 pages, but i only chose the ones that appeal to me :slight_smile:

That does not answer my question, nor is relevant to my suggestion to address those growing waiting lists.

Are the cargoes available shared by all in the game? I did not know if they were. As for dead end systems, that may change as more players get Janisar and Dryden certifications. It just takes a while. My dedicated hauler is only now at less than a day to finish Dumont level 7, and then several days more for level 8. As it stands, if I get enough hauls to one location, I’ll pick them up, then scoot over to the next system real quick and pick up more Dumont hauls there. It’s not perfect, but until I can pick up the better hauls it’ll do for me…

I call dead-end systems those which do not have any hauling company present at all; there are quite a few of those.

Shipments are generated for each office, then remain until they are taken. As shipments are moved from an office, new ones are generated for that office (over time).

If these shipments are never taken, it will get to the stage that the office will be full of nothing but these jobs.

There are quite a number of dead end systems at the moment as the long arduous task of populating all the promenades has not yet been completed, but more will be appearing.

That is not to say that there will not be dead end systems, as of course there will be.

All shipments award faction as well as credits and XP, though I confess I just looked and there is no message to state this on the delivery, nor did I announce it, it slipped my mind. I will address the delivery message and announcement today. :wink:

Shipments having faction awards as well will not change the desirability/undesirability status of a given destination, if those awards are proportional to the cargo credit and XP.
There is currently a growing backlog of parcels to those unwanted destinations, and my suggestion purpose is to make those destinations attractive in spite of having no possible cargoes to move from them.

Baring this, some systems which do have haulers will soon only have cargoes to those dead-end systems, making them in turn undesirable destinations.
The simple fact that it is happening proves that most players filter their fares this way (those big backlogs could not happen otherwise).

Another solution I just thought about:having the rewards values of a given cargo increase as this cargo wiating time at the hauler increased.

Yes they are. Each office has up to 50 shipments. As shipments are taken, new ones are generated. The reason these offices are getting very long lists to certain destinations is that as pointed out by @Fafhred nobody is taking them.

If the players choose to leave these shipments, that is a choice. we like choices. If by making that choice, they turn the system into an undesirable location, that again is a choice, made by the players for the players.

Yes they do, they cherrypick. The system was designed this way for exactly that reason. Eventually, there will be no cherries to pick, they will have to take the grapes instead.

As your freight hold increases and you pick up the licences for Janisar and Dryden you might want to mix and match your shipments to fill every last corner of your hold… ?

All this will ultimately achieve, is that they will be left even longer while players play the haulage lottery, waiting for the payment to pick up to a level they are happy with before another captain comes along and snaps it up.

The simple fact of the matter, is unless these shipments are taken by somebody, the offices will stagnate and the list of destinations will get smaller and smaller. Offering any kind of bonus or reward for moving these “unwanted” shipments will simply not work.

As Prev has said it is about choices and there will come a time there will only be one choice left. Having said that I on quite a few occasions have done what you are saying is not being done, by taking my full compliment of jobs to a next door system (or another so called dead end system) only to jump back and reload again and again for very little financial reward (which doesn’t concern my hauler toon at all), it also gives my fuel a chance to regen if i have spent a few hours doing the long haul runs.

Simply visit systems, and you will see that some systems have an increasingly larger list of cargoes waiting to be hauled to them.
This is happening all over the place, with proportionally fewer cargoes to other destinations.

and will continue to happen as long as players stoicly refuse to do the short, low payment hauls as they feel these jobs are below them.

Nobody if forcing you to carry these jobs, but the system was designed this way specifically as both @Coops and me have been watching player habits over the last 10 years or so. Those habits are why the system is as it is, and will pretty much remain as it is !

Would it be possible to make the haul contracts time sensitive? (eg after a week, have the payout be x2, next week x2 again, with possible cap at 3wk). This would make dead-end hauls more attractive to take, as well as short runs that seem to be overlooked over time.

Would it be possible ? Yes.
Will it be done ? No.

Would it be possible ? Yes.
Will it be done ? No.

Actually, it sort of does…

EVERY location in EVERY system has cargo that needs moving… have you looked at the Commodity Traders?

It seems this thread has a common theme. “pay me more or I aint shipping that load!”

If players do not want to take these shipments, nobody is forcing them. I see no reason at all that we should add incentives to them. They pay the same rates as all the others, the only difference is that they do not offer a return load.

Take them or leave them, your choice :wink:

Why not make a list of all these offices that offer jobs to “pointless, dead end systems that nobody will take” and don’t waste your fuel going to them…

Oh wait. You probably ended up there delivering a job with a big phat payment attached… ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, let’s change the record. No bonuses will be offered for taking jobs you don’t want to take. End of story, nuff said.

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