A favour for a friend? - 1 bugged mission

The step just before ‘Hook or by Crook’ requires to bring 2 Civilian MicroStar Type 2, but only takes 1 of the 2.

Missions chain from Jack Kiger, Wildfire Colony, System: Servitude

I’ve done that mission, so I can’t see the text anymore, but it seems to me explains that the customer changed their mind, but he’ll pay you for both and that you can keep the second one for free.

Could be possible that I missed that (it was my third char going through missions, I accepted, immediately looked for the next mission, and then only noticed the leftover xD ), need double-checking

Oh, yes, it says so in the text of the next mission (which I just took):

She decided she only needed the one Civilian MicroStar Type 2s.

As it wasn’t your wrong doing you may as well keep the second one. Who
knows it may come in handy or you can trade it with another captain

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