Account Wide Fuel Regen Upgrade - TSC

I have been looking at these upgrades and realized that any purchase would be wasted if I choose a higher upgrade in the future. Present upgrades are based on the 16 units/hour that is the default. I would recommend that if you presently have an upgrade that part or all the cost of that upgrade is refunded if you get a higher upgrade.

This means that if I purchased a Account Fuel Regen Upgrade - (24) at 800 TSC and then later I purchase a Account Fuel Regen Upgrade - (48) at 2000 TSC, my original. 800 TSC is refunded following the Regen Upgrade - (48) purchase.

Whilst from a player point of view I understand your point of view, but you also have to see it from ‘our’ perspective. On the whole, we get a Tiny ‘sliver’ of support for the game. I’m talking less than a few hundred pounds since we started nearly two years ago.

For the game to be able to stand one day on its own without us having to constantly support it at our own expense, it requires an element of ‘support’. We have learnt a lot over 11 years of running Core-Exiles and know that works financially and what works plausibly for players.

Whilst this may not be what you would like to hear, it’s very unlikely we would ever allow a refund on TSC spent.

As I say there is a player perspective (and we appreciate that) But also a developer point of view to consider.

Without support, there is no future development and longevity of Project Terran. Like everyone else you can choose to play PT completely for free, or support. The choice is yours without coercion.


Understood. The word refund is one I should not have used. Discount sounds better but I understand your perspective. I was just pointing out that for those with limited funds and want to support, leveraging their investment does more to incentivize someone than loosing existing equity on an retail purchase. If funds are not limited then all of this is a mute point.

Great Job on PT :slight_smile: