Additional Character Unlock

Yesterday I activated the character slot unlock on the character select screen.

There are 2 ways to unlock additional characters. Firstly, you simply play the game. As you level your characters you are awarded IP Points. These points tot up on your account, and enable you to unlock additional characters.

The second option is for those that would like to support Project Terran, a character slot unlock is available in the TSC Store, in the Account Upgrades section of the store.

There is a new button on the character select screen, over to the right on the blue section, like this:

If you have enough IP, you will see a green button. If the button is red, hover over it and it will tell you why it is not available.


Could it be possible for the message to state how much more IP is needed ?

We are rather fond of keeping people guessing with stuff like this… I can tell you though that you are over half way to your first unlock… :wink:

Still no hint of a new character slot; I would have been expecting to have it now if the information was correct.
I have the character purpose, name, and ship name prepared, but still no slot to assign it to…

you are getting closer… a few people have opened up the third slot, perhaps they will offer some tips :wink:

I have changed the name from IP Points to Character Points today as it appears that a few old time CE players were getting confused, and trying to spend these points on skills.

I just opened today the third slot. I had one character on level 20 and the other leveled on 21. Then I saw the slot went to green. So I guess it takes together 41 levels for it to work.