Applying energy to Upgrade Cybernetics

had strength 36. I had 4 energy to spend so applied them thinking would be nice round 40 stat. result strength 39.
Tried it again - str 39. says 2 to apply result 40. this time I noted the actual energy was 16%

Rounding issue?

I find the efficiency of conversion is based on how many energy you have as a percentage. Waiting until you are over 60-70% gets you better returns.

I always lose 1 if I am under 50%.

it says I have 2 points to apply when my energy is 16% . Only applied 1 point.

At 50% it says I have enough to upgrade 6 times but in fact only upgrades 5 points

message says 'You trained with 6 energy and recieved 5 defense.'
not how you spell received either!

at 66% I had 8 points to spend. message said had 8 and got 8.

finally at 100% after going up a level. I had 13 points. I spent 10 on str raising from 40 to 50 ok. the remaining 3 i spent on defence which raised it by only 2 points from 30 to 32.

Your “Awake” is crucial.

It’s X energy times % Awake, that determines the outcome

ok. My awake for the last raise was 74% which would make a difference but would then expect it to be even less as would lose about a quarter rather than 1 point.
Would expect if it says I have 10 to spend then I would get 10 applied ( or else say how many lost as tired).

3 x 0.74 = 2.22…rounded down it is 2 points.
So it’s always better to spend your points 1 time and wait untill Awake is 100% again untill you spend the 2nd time

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yes that would explain. as first use for 10 points would have been at 100% then next 3 points would have been at 80% resulting in 74% remaining. i just did 13 points from 100% and that left 74% tired.

Thanks to the concise reply from @PrimeMcNee are we happy that everything here is working as expected?

one question about this.

isn’t it suppossed to give us more awake when we buy a house?
so that we get 200 awake with the first house which gives energy * awake(200 due to house) /100(to get the percentage)

no house, 10 energy and full awake: 10100/100=10
first house, 10 energy and full awake: 10

at least this was the case with other similar games

The description says:

“There is a bonus to having a home and thats that your ‘Awake’ will regenerate faster than without somewhere to call home.”

That’s it and makes sence. You can’t be more than 100% awake, can you?

Yes it does.

Essentially, yes… it multiplies the amount you spend on a stat by (awake/100) rounded down. This was explained by @PrimeMcNee earlier in the thread. When training, it is always best to do so with 100% awake, otherwise you are not training efficiently.

thanks for fixing the awake bonus from the house :wink: