Asteroid Field Entry

I have noticed that you can enter docking at any facility by clicking and then clicking again. However when you want to enter an asteroid field you have to click to orbit, then go to the enter asteroid field on the lower navigation bar to enter. This seems counter intuitive, shouldn’t they all be the same?

I believe when the code was created it was problematic to enable a click to enter due to the fact that action is a Dock action and you don’t dock with an asteroid field.

I may be mistaken but I believe that was the case. It may be we can revisit I’ll have to check with @prevuk


As @Coops correctly pointed out, there was an issue with the code when it was first written, which resulted in having to click the link on the bottom bar.

I have revisited the code today, and am happy to report the issue has been resolved. You can now click a field to approach, then click again to enter the same as with planets and stations.