Asteroid "Respawn" Rate

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Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been mining Class 6 asteroids in Law Level 5 zones. (Cryzen, Tervil, etc)

I read Coops’ note that “Once we move to an open Beta Stage Asteroids will be allowed to deplete completely and will be recreated at random based on Law Levels.”

I was just wondering what the rate of recreation might be, because after depleting, for instance, Tervil in a couple of LL5 areas, I have visited almost all of the LL5 asteroids and can’t find Tervil anymore. I understand it is now random where new asteroids will ‘spawn’, but it seems it might take many days for this to happen.

So I’m just wondering what the respawn rate is and what other player’s have experienced in regard to this.


Good question :slight_smile: I feel There is Very Few Ice Asteroids ATM.

Without revealing all background mechanics:

  1. essential point: once a rock is depleted, something else can spawn in the same field

  2. what exactly can spawn depends on law level, but basic rocks can be found everywhere
    –> no guarantee for rocks of same type after depletion: you deplete a rare rock and Kelsalt can spawn instead :wink: or you’re lucky and a get another rare spawn
    –> prevents farming of rare ores in same field

  3. therefore if players focus on certain types of rocks (e.g. rare, high-level), these might become quite hard to find
    –> try clearing fields of worthless rocks in low LL areas and rare rocks might spawn :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. there is always a guaranteed source of every rock type somewhere

  5. respawn rate depends on number of rocks in field

And in order to point you in the right direction, few facts:

  • 11 Tervil rocks exist somewhere
  • 0 of these are in LL 5 zones :wink:
  • 271 ice asteroids to be found

Hey DeepOne,

Thanks for your response.

I like how you guys coded regarding asteroid respawns, especially in terms of the game’s economy.

Using a degree of respawn randomness (i.e. Kesault ‘replacing’ Mithron) creates a nice “Supply & Demand” stream into the game’s player based economy.


Hello Again,

It was mentioned that 11 Tervil rocks exist(ed) somewhere, but none were in LL 5 zones.
Okay, so I took that as a challenge, :slight_smile: , and decided to go on an easter egg hunt.

I looked at about 40 asteroids, Law Levels 2, 3 and 4 and did not find any Tervil asteroids.

In my limited experience, I’ve found Level 6 asteroids in LL5 zones, but since the Tervil wasn’t in any LL5s, I assumed it would be only in “higher” LL zones, such as 4, 3 or 2…but no dice.

So maybe I misunderstand, but can Level 6 asteroids, for instance, appear in ANY LL zone?


No, they cannot, but did you perhaps try going up in LL a little, rather than down ? :wink:

Hmm, It seems that all Asteroids have Tech = 0. Perhaps more intuitive (and less confusing) would be set it to 13 - LL, which would be equal to maximum “Ore Level”. And allow you to make some asteroids “Low LL & No interesting rersources” :stuck_out_tongue:

Tech level doesn’t matter for asteroids. The rarity (ore class) of asteroids does indeed (reciprocally) scale with LL, though it’s somewhat more complicated than “13-LL” :wink: For players it should still look more like “Level 6 asteroids can be found in a very narrow LL range”.