Better mission sorting


Is it possible to add secondary sorting for Dumont missions (possibly other missions too)?
If I choose sorting via Distance I’d not like to see systems mixed. I mean If I have multiple missions to two eqally distant systems A and B, I’d like to see, reading from top, all missions to A, than all missions to B (now I see something like ABABBBABA, looking from top to bottom).I suspect it most important for Dumont, where numbers of systems in range is quite limited. :slight_smile:

I’m aware I can do text 'system name" filtering.

Nice addition would be, for primary sorting via system name, secondary sorting for planet name :slight_smile:

Multiple sorting is already available.

Simply sort by the primary row, then hold shift and click the next row, then the next and so on until you have the sort you want.

The office will remember the sort that you set until you change it…


It is not obvious option for me :frowning: Am I too old for playing PT? lol