Bintar Amari - Mission - Promises, Promises

Excellent work,
level 3 under your belt are you working on level four ?
You will need to
balance your skills training between energy, freight expanders and of course
jump drive skills along side your Dumont License. So much to learn and only
one life time to do it in!

I have your official documentation here do all I need is a retinal scan…>

There we go, you
are now ‘on contract’ with the Atlanti Trade Federation. You will find my
compatriots dotted around the Galaxy. Of course you will need to increase
your A.T.F Faction but this will happen over time.
Talking of which, I
have a job over in Monsoon to deliver 25 units of freight to Hope. I’m still
waiting on a reply about your welcome gift.
Look me up when
you get back.

Not sure what that is meant to mean, but id does not read well :stuck_out_tongue:

Resolved, many thanks.