Bogus incident messages?

I left my computer on and logged in and toon docked and came back after 3 hours to little orange messages. sesson is timed out but I had to click close on 5 messages before I could then click an ‘action’ at which point it reverts to logon screen. The sheild, armour and hull had no value showing. The messages I got were 3 for 50 damage each and 2 for exp award for 0 xp each time.
As ship is perfectly fine on logon this is not causing a problem but does look strange. I have had this happen a few times now and seems to be when I leave it for a few hours. Last time I counted 6 messages. This time it was definitely docked
unfotunately i screwed up pasting the screen shot and will have to try again next time.

Can we get some information from you Grumpy along the following lines:

Operating System (IE Windows Version / or Other OS and version)
Browser and Version.

As we are not getting any reports of this from anyone else it may well be related to the above, but its a place for us to start looking.


running on firefox 40.0.3 on an acer aspire one netbook recently upgraded to windows 10 (a bit unstable). Tend to run with Astro empires and core exiles open in other tabs as well as maps and chat. wifi reception is usually poor. usual dont close down but shut the laptop and reopen and continue next day. when on a few occassions now, I have had what look like bogus event messages. It is always my first toon, Grumpy old digger so far.
I closed it down and restarted this morning to see if its linked to that. i will abandon game soon and leave to see what it does when its timed out for a few hours.


I think I have now got to the bottom of the issue, so will post an update here and ask for feedback on it, because sessions are not expiring on my system at all. I have had 2 toons logged in (in seperate browsers of course) for over 4 hours and nothing.

I have added some further checks to the event code, so that it should now very quickly pick up on the fact that your session has expired, and return you to the login screen (this may be the character select screen or the actual login screen, depending on which parts of the session has expired).

What this should mean to you is that if you walk away and leave your character logged in and DOCKED you should now not see any events at all. If your session expires you should return to the game to find it at the login screen.

Please keep a close eye on this over the next few days, as I am keen to put a lid on this issue before I move forward and add new features to the game.


Just checked on a session I shut the screen on last night and it was at the login screen as described. so looking good. I will continue to experiment. I had left my miner in an asteroid field and he looked ok too. will repeat the test I did above but its looking promising.

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Excellent, thanks for the feedback Grumpy, you were the one that was able to replicate the issue regularly, so if you are not seeing it now, I am happy to call it fixed and move on :smile: