Bringing Health Stat More into Play

Don’t think I have ever used my health stat so far.

I have noticed that there is not that much PvP or mugging around the place. I have tried the odd mugging but something always gets in the way - normally my own stupidity! Last time - not enough speed :frowning:

Yeah - I know - guess who made themselves a prime target !!

What about staffing some NPC pirates with a variety of stats (some with high def or high attack or both) and nice wonga too! Make them gradually harder in level - perhaps put bounties on them or link them to missions somehow? Could include a random combat factor to keep PC pirates honest!

Alternatively when a crime fails and you are not detained … what about losing some health getting away?

Perhaps even run into some accidents or bugs around the station … Never know just what chemicals might get into the air !!


I like the idea of some sort of NPCs you can fight as if they were players. maybe easier ones on sb51, and the higher the level requirement to get to a plannet the more difficult the NPCs on that plannet are? could have some sort of gladiator arena on each plannet where they are, and where you can go to fight them.

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Would it be a one-shot, or could you do it once per day? I think level caps should still be in place, so I can’t go back to SB51 and get easy money from the NPCs all the time. The bugs and random events could tie in with a previous idea to search for robot parts, maybe?

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if you got XP from the attacks then I assume at higher levels going back to sb51 wouldn’t be worth it as the xp would be too low to make it worth it. it could self govern based on xp.