Bug in Promenade Search

Continuing the discussion from Search the Promenade:

While running through a promenade search this evening, I noticed that regardless of the result of the search (an item, points, cash or even nothing at all) cash amounts were still being awarded.

Rather surprised this has not been noticed and reported before now, but it has been rectified. This should immediately show a reduction in cash earned from this feature.

I’ll admit i didn’t notice getting extra money when it wasn’t a reward but after todays searches i did end up with a lot less money than normal until now.

never checked the balance I have to admit when I got a item, just checked post searching that I got items in my inventory. Nice pickup prev

Just as guilty, didn’t think to check the actual funds being deposited lol. Good catch.

As guilty as the rest sir. I never noticed that cash was getting given even when it said i got nothing lol…

Good spot