Can Hydra open an office in Krime please?

There isn’t one there and its an awfully long way to the nearest one…please?

A fair request - check out Port Faith, this should help cure your hunger for Hydra Missions for a while.


Thanks! I don’t suppose they could also open one in Centarus? I just spent 300 fuel getting there only to find no Hydra bases anywhere near it. :smile:

I took a look and the nearest one was some jaunt and as that particular system is mining nirvana in terms of the amount of Roid Fields I have added one there.

Don’t take this as carte blanche I’ll add one everywhere though :slight_smile:

The initial seeding was to get them out there, but if players locate places like these that are not close at all to another office then by all means feel free to drop a hint :smile:


Thanks again - I would only ask if it seemed reasonable :smile:

We need a Hydra office somewhere near Drury. The closest one currently seems to be in Eleksar. Perhaps in Vosha makes sense?

This was sorted a few days back but I forgot to post as such apologies.