Cannot Collect Harvesting Session

I completed a Harvesting session at Zephyr. The Completed Harvested Sessions indicates that 1 is complete, but it say’s Personal Harvester: “Cannot Collect”. There’s a message under that: “Please ensure that you have space in your ship store to collect the harvester, and space in your GSF to collect the resources.”

I have space in my Ship Store. I didn’t realize space was limited in the Galactic Storage Facility, but moved as much as I could to my ship Cargo Bay, but I still couldn’t collect my Harvester, or the Fulbrium I was Harvesting.

Ok, my bad…:frowning:
My Harvester was at Europa, not Zephyr. I guess you’ve got to keep track of where you put them.

According to the database, your harvester is located at Europa. You should see a small icon on the bar where it says Cannot Collect. Mouse over that it will display the location, like this: