Cap on attacking smaller players

don’t know if this goes against everything which is wanted in the game or not.

suggesting some sort of cap on attacking someone lower than you. so if say level 6, someone who is 30 isn’t going to take you out over and over again. maybe can’t attack someone unless they are X levels below you, or they have to be at least 3/4 or 2/3 your level? right now no one is a really high level, but down the road it wouldn’t encourage anyone to stay around if right when they came out of protection they are ganged up on by really high level players who they have no chance of beating.

I just got Ganked twice by the same player 20 levels above me, I have no chance of winning a fight against someone 20 levels above me, this has to change.

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If no cap on attacking someone, how about adding a reputation score, you gain by attacking above you and lose reputation every time you attack significantly below your level? Otherwise a cap on how often you can attack the same player within a specific time, eg 4 hours?

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Rep would be cool, as well as a cool down for attacks.

I think there is a cap, but Im sure Prev will confirm or that or not :slight_smile:

I like this idea, I will look at getting something implemented today.

Agreed. Though depending on stat spread and loadout, somebody who is 2 levels above you could theoretically wipe the floor with you, but a level cap will be good.

I also like the idea of reputation.

There are cooldowns to a certain extent, in that it requires nerve to attack, so although a high level player might be able to attack a few times in quick succession, it then takes a while for the stat to regenerate. I am not sure there is a need for a specific cooldown, but I am listening to the feedback :smile:

There is a safety net for new players, in that when below level 5 you cannot be attacked by players over level 6, but that is all that is there right now.

How much nerve does it take to attack another player? I think that if it regenerates fast enough that one could continually attack another player, then perhaps a cool down would help?

I have added a level lock range on attacks this morning, so that high level players cannot ‘gank’ lower players. Low players can however still attack those much higher than themselves.

This is currently set at 5 levels, (so a level 20 cannot attack level 15 or below) but may be tweaked based on user feedback.

Mugging is still possible.
Sorry Holiday, I needed somebody for testing :wink:

lol, that’s fine it gave me an idea for another suggestion. :slight_smile:

This thread was related to attacks, nobody mentioned mugging :wink:
I have added the same safety net to mugging that was added to attacks, for good measure.

I think we might have been a little heavy handed on this one personally.

I am in full support of protecting the up and coming players but as it stands once the game gets some momentum guild wars are going to be near impossible. I would like to suggest the following:

0 -10 - only players within this band can attack and mug each other
10 - 20 - only players within this band can attack each other but players greater than 20 can mug
20 + Free for all - Players by this stage should have joined a guild learnt the basics and have their guild protecting them. Limiting it much further than this really will hamper the game growth and long term players sticking around IMHO.

I welcome for feedback and discussion but think the above is a workable solution.

I have to say im with SirFoxey on this one… Forged Space is ment to be PVP if you make that to hard without some sort of compromise it will get very dull :slight_smile:

I think there are 2 sides to the coin.

One side is protecting starting players.
For this the level 1-5 protection is sufficient.
Making a cap per 5 levels also suits well, so I see no need to change that, but I’m not against making level 20+ free for all

The other side is, that higher rankers will always be able to bully anybody 1 or 2 levels below them, making playing this game frustrating.

I have a thick skin, otherwise I would have stopped playing this game as I seem to be somebodies punchbag for life, who’s just a little above me.
Some kind of payback to bullying should be introduced.

Could it be possible to introduce “Mobs”?
This should be something different than Guilds, capped in size and with a small lifespan preferably.
It would make the game more fluid and less fixed in a Guild orientated mindset.
It could also be a way to remove the need for “Protection Caps” at levels above 5.
In this Mob up to 3-5 players from any Guild can team up.
Players can only join 1 Mob per day and the lifespan of the Mob would be a few hours max or so.
By combining their stats, lower level players could hit back to higher ranked players, sothat nobody can become “untouchable”.

This way the “head start” by testing also is compensated for.

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mobs are a very interesting idea and one that I would support fleshing out and implementing

me and droza were talking about the same thing as a mob type system just a couple days ago. didn’t know if it was worth the suggestion because it sounded like quite a bit of work. I really do like the idea though, would not only make for some interesting fights, but help balance out attacking for smaller players.

as for the level 5 cap, I think it should be a sliding restriction, not a set number at 5. for example you can’t attack someone less than X% of your level. making it free for all after level 20, that might sound okay right now, but down the road when levels climb it will become the same as a 30+ attacking a 6 right now. that’s attacking someone 1/5 your level and a bit ridiculous.

I don’t know what the number should be but I’d think something around 3/4 or 2/3 your level. that combined with the mob would balance out quite nice I think.

I’ve played another game, where player A could attack player B only three times a day, no more. If player B tried to revenge, A had another three attacks. could help with issue mentioned by Prime :slight_smile:

What is the advantage for attacking someone compared to mugging? You could provide a sliding scale on the rewards based on the relative levels or other stats.

I play a game with banded protection early then free for all. what happens as the game progresses is the high level players watch the new players and as soon as they break level protection they farm them. this results in a two tier game where new players have to stay under the level or join one of the big guilds that is farming them.

I prefer the sliding scale approach where you can hit a smaller player but its just not worth the bother

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