Cartel problems

What is their purpose? I’ve been invited to join one but my application just sits in queue.

I’ve tried mailing the owners of a couple and get an invalid mail address.

Are any of the cartels owned by active players?

Having had a quick flick through, it would seem that a few of the Cartel leaders have quit the game, and some of the others have not been logged in for some time.

The various tickers that run on the game should clean up the cartels that are not in use, but it seems they have not been doing their job.

I will have a run through and tidy up the dead ones, making it easier to contact the more active ones

The cartel i am in is inactive, i will create a cartel and if you are interested you may apply, same the any other players that wish to be in a cartel with active players

the Cartel name will be Transporter Specialists

I created Delivery Specialists and am up to 3 members. Growing fast! Anyone who wants to can come join.