Changes to PT Fuel Regen - PLEASE READ

Hi there Fellow Terrans,

Some of you will have spotted that in the last few days we cut the Fuel Regen on all the game accounts down to an hourly regen rate of 16. This gives all accounts (each toon) a total daily regen of 384 fuel.

Why the change?
Well first off we never intended to leave it at 40 per hour forever. We have been working on the development of Project Terran for over two years now. During that time we have had to adjust and re-balance sections of the game as we go.

Fuel usage is a key element to how players play PT. Eventually Project Terran has to stand on its own and pay its own way. We, the developers, can’t permanently foot its bills for ever :slight_smile:


Accounts will all start with a basic Regen of 4, thus giving you an hourly regen of 16 equating to 384 units of fuel per day. Should you need more fuel across your toons we have created an ‘Account Fuel Regen Upgrade Plan’.

Account Fuel Regen Upgrade

You can find these inside the TSC Store. This can be accessed via the Burger Menu. There are four levels of upgrade, but no matter which one you choose it will be account wide. So you’re not just upgrading the fuel regen on 1 toon but your entire account. (this includes any new toons you create later).

Using the upgrade system you can not only return to a nice fat fuel income you can even increase it further than it was before. But in turn you will need to support the game you play.

Fuel Usage in Combat

This one was on the list of ‘add it when we were sure’. We are now sure it’s required and it was added a few days ago. for some of you it’s a stark change, but for those who understand balancing it’s required overall to keep the game mechanics and overall economy on an even keel.

Sure you may need to make some changes to your general habits and it will get reflected in prices on the G.B.M but it was always going to be added.


As developers of the game we have left the Fuel reduction as long as we really could, but we knew we would eventually have to bring it down to a reasonable level. One where the games own player base would ‘feel the change’ and over time allow the game to support itself financially.

We ask that you keep this in mind when considering this change.