Character creation


so, i recently unlocked a new character slot and I was wondering if there was any thought to making the templates available for the combateer. I know that combat is not currently in the game, but I want to make a toon who is a combat specialist. Should I just make one as a trader and specialize him or train him only in combat techniques?

Is it really much of a boon to be called a combateer and have the starting abilities or is it something that another path person can make up in a day of training? I want to start his training so I have a combat guy ready to step in when it comes online, but was just curious as to if the starting template will have a long term effect on his progression.

We have not yet opened up the combat profession boost as we are still working on the combat.

There are going to be changes to the skill trees for combat, skills added, adjusted and removed, so while you can create a new character, I would not invest too much time on combat skills, as currently we have not settled on what will be there.

As for wether the combat profession boost does anything special, no not really, it will just give a new character a selection of skills to give them a kick start. Any character type can learn any skills in the database, and the boost gives you the skills, but no levels, so you would be able to buy the starting skills immediately and be in the same position.

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