Chassis management Skills

I have just had a quick look at the new ships available in the TSC stores,before the update i was planning to buy a Polestar Messiah,so i bought the Polestar Chassis Management skill and in two days i will be level 6 in this skill,BUT looking at the new shiny Polestar list of ships in the TSC stores and with Santa not that long away,and discussions with my financial advisor ( The Wife) my Polestar aspirations has suddenly rocketed to the more expensive toys in the shop,So my question is this i find i need Polestar chassis management T4 to begin with so is my original polestar chassis management skill no good, am i wasting my time keeping it running,or i think i noticed now that i have to also skill on Maurader Chassis management to a certain level,so does doing this convert my polestar skill to T4 or do i have to scrap my polestar skill and buy a completely new T4 skill and start from scratch,

There are 4 Tiers of Polestar ships, as with all other classes…

Each tier, essentially requires the previous tier to use (skill wise)

All the skills you currently have, and are training for the polestars are still valid, and are pre-requisite requirements for the advanced Polestar Skills.

Essentially, to get into the Messiah, which is a Tier 2 ship, as you had originally planned, you need the following:

Polestar Chassis Management T2 (Level 7)
Polestar Chassis Management (Level 8)
Marauder Chassis Management (Level 6)
Advanced Polestar Management (Level 5)
Polestar System Management (Level 8)
Advanced Sciences (Level 8)
Science (Level 8)

Many of these skills run into each other or require each other.

You would be better aiming first for the Tier 1 Polestars, then moving onward to the Tier 2, then 3 etc.

The Polestars BY DESIGN are multi role ships, and will take much longer, and cost much more to skill into.