Chatting and Flash?

Would it be possible to not use flash for chats? I don’t have flash installed on any of my systems, and am generally able to do what I need online without it. There are other ways to connect to chat but it would be nice not to need it if possible.

I agree, flash is on its way out. And if this is going to be a game for years to come it should be resolved before it becomes a problem. I know it’s the same platform as CE and changing this would require changing that but…

Flash is not ideal, sure, but it is the only stable and reliable client available that connects to the IRC server we are using.

It is there for convenience, you would be far better off installing your own IRC client and connecting that way.

We have today removed the flash client we were using for connection to the IRC server, and replaced it with a HTML5/Java alternative.

It is a much better client all round, and seems far more stable and reliable.

If anyone sees issue with this new client, please let us know immediately.

Error Connecting (Closing link: (unknown@ [No more
connections allowed from your host via this connect class (local)])

just tried using the chat link and ran into this error. I attempted to connect without a password. timestamp is Oct 4 15:47

I’m in now. Not sure what I did differently

It’s an issue on the IRC Server end which we hope is either now fixed or will be shortly. It wont have stopped anyone connecting using a standalone IRC client, just a limit it seems on the amount can use the widget without a server side tweak.