Civilian mining laser grade 2: discrepancy

I shows as requirement civilian mining level 3.
However, it still does (and cannot be equipped) now that I obtained it - now training civilian mining level 4 to see if that does it…

Have you got sufficient energy ?

Also are you docked ? You need to be docked to fit / remove / swap items.


Yes, I am docked: as for energy, I have not checked, but since that is still the tutorial missions I would not expect to have to get an upgrade to it already, while the requirement of level 3 still been shown is what got my attention (in every other game I played, satisfied requirements are no longer shown).

Checking the energy, it shows energy need at 475, while my current energy available is 400 and my max 500; to get 475, I would have to remove the shielf, which cannot be good with those frequent random collisions.
Checking now if there is any research I can d to improve my energy; buying equiment is not an option yet at this early stage.

never mind, ther is a cheap generator at 250 credits which will do the trick; I just hate wasting money on a temporary item…

A follow on mission from the Phoenix Coordinator now provides you with a Starter Reactor once you have completed the Initial Shield Mission.

This will help with what ever path you take from that point on Mining or Hauling or Combat (once we add it) etc.


Is this new mission the “Increase that Energy Output” mission from
the Phoenix Coordinator? I had that mission pop up shortly after
I (Rocky) levelled up to L9. It provided a Civilian Proton Gen v1.
However I already had that reactor, I was a requirement or reward
from one of the (I think) “Intro to Mining” mission chain.
So its kind of a pointless reward. Perhaps this should be a
higher level (v2 or v3) reactor instead?

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This new mission was added following feedback from players, and is designed to be done immediately after the introduction mission chain.

In the early stages while you are not struggling for space, hang on to the spare one, as you can fit it into a second slot when you upgrade to a ship that has one… :wink: