Combat Alpha Test - Register Your Interest

Register your interest here to take part in a short Alpha Test for Combat in PT.

We are looking for “testers” who will provide extensive feedback, not just “players” so please only register your interest if you are willing/able to commit to this.

All testing is carried out on a development server, so your current characters will not be affected. We can provide items and skill boosts for you should you need them.

Hello! Grats on getting combat “up and running.”

I would like to use my character ATOYOT to help test and debug combat on the dev. server.


I would like to help test this,

Could you add some skills and gear to Bebeb for this please.


Count me in on testing the new systems. Congrats on getting combat up and running. This should prove very interesting.

I would be able to help as well.

I’ve been out of town for a week, but will be back for the weekend. I’m definitely interested! :slight_smile: