Combat Missions Not Refreshing

The Combat Mission office is no longer refreshing. New combat missions are not being updated. I noticed it stopped refreshing yesterday morning and and tried again today. It still will not refresh. I am Captain Snake if you need that by any chance.
Ect… Let me rephrase that. I can no longer find law level twelve combat missions. Was that option removed for good or is it glitching up? I’ve used to have four different law level eleven combat missions to chose from. Was that brought down to only two choices?

I am referring to the Colonial Union Combat Mission Office.

Hi there can you let us know which office, in particular, I visited both the one in Terra and the one in Oceania and both had a long list of combat missions available for me to take.

Each office is limited to a number of missions that CAN spawn at any one time. Players need to take these missions and complete them for new ones to respawn.

These offices work on a similar principle to the way Greight offices work, missions need to be taken so new ones can be generated.


I am so confused. It finally refreshed. I see a long list of combat missions again at the combat mission offices. That was really weird, but I’m glad it’s finally fixed again.