Combat not loading

It seems as if combat is not loading correctly. Reloading (F5) had no effect. Clicking on any of the three symbols at top right only caused the combat events box to disappear. No events were posted either.
I can assure you, that my internet connection at that time was stable. Needless to say, that my ship was destroyed within disturbingly short amount of time. I’ve attached a screen shot of how it looked like.

Very strange… is everything else loading OK with the game (skill interface, mining, stores etc)?

I had a problem with Chrome with Ad-Block Plus installed and running. I see you have it on. you could try to disable it.

After one sec realized it could be not Ad block.

  1. I had Adblock running on Chrome Polish language. I see no “Enter Combat” sign next to “Ready” (I saw it on FF, also I saw it on Dev version - logged once, week after you relese combat, I think)

  2. turned Off adblock, refresh browser (by refresh button), and "enter Conbat appeared.

  3. After Turning ad-block on I can enter combat. Strange. Either ad-block or refresh helped.

I know, I should post separate bug-report. sorry.

We’re on it, full-time.

Please force-refresh once with Ctrl+R (not just refresh button or F5), same in combat-screen.

Also, please try to load combat screen somewhere in LL12 first, before going to more dangerous areas.

@prevuk Everything else seemed to load normally as far as I could tell.

@pikolinianita I never had problems with adblock, so I doubt that was the case then.

@DeepOne Well that’s difficult if you start there after the patch :wink: Maybe you should have put everyone back to Terra when you uploaded the patch…

@KalleK Your affected character is currently locked while we are working on it. Bear with us a short while.

@prevuk Take your time, I’m in no hurry.

just to clarify, it is only Mitchell Miller that is locked, your other toons are free and you can play those without issue.

Yeah, but I’d rather not lose another ship. Or did you check that combat works on the other chars?

We are restoring your ship and all fittings currently.

Once that is done I will set your ship to docked at Atlas Station in Terra, then we can run some quick tests and verify in the safety of a LL12 system to get to the bottom of the problem.

OK, your ship is restored, and your character is now unlocked and docked at Atlas Station.

I took over the toon briefly and entered the combat field in Terra, and it loaded fine. Your ship has no weapons so was unable to initiate an attack, but the enemies there are passive, so you cannot die.

Please try entering combat there at Atlas Station, and let me know if it loads, or if you have any issues.

There is now a mechanism in place that enforces (automatic) re-caching of updated scripts & co.
We hope that it will solve the issue and prevent such unfortunate events in the future.

Nevertheless, if you are trying out combat for the first time, choose a LL12 location where you won’t be attacked (unless you provoke).

Just tested with all of my chars. Loads fine, I can move, retreat, lock targets and all buttons seem to work.

Thanks for solving this so quickly!

PS: Is it normal, that the configuration-button just writes “Config” in the box?

Excellent, thanks for the feedback :smile:

Yes, this is still in development…