Combat NPC Missions have Arrived!

Today I can announce that after some major testing yesterday, the first of the Combat NPC Missions are now active. This rounds off the NPC missions types.

You will find that you need to go speak to the Phoenix Coordinator first. The initial batch of missions are aimed at new arrivals who either took the Combat profession Boost when creating their toon to have decided to work on combat as a side profession for one of their current toons.

The Phoenix Coordinator will get you started down the combat path and orientate you as a new comer to this facet of the game.

He will then suggest to you further Training with Robert Mazur over on Lexington Station. Top Gun as hes know will give you a good grounding in combat and also pass on some nice addons for you to use as you progress.

There is also a third chain of missions in this line before bringing to back to Robert for his final missions.

All in all four chains of missions to give you a grounding in PT combat.

Dev Notes: Some fo you have been with us a LONG time now and started on the combat skills a long time ago. For you these missions will be easy. Please view them as a new player would and also keep your eyes open for those among you that might actually need a HAND to complete these missions.

Some are tougher than others and some we know from testing will require assistance form a fellow combatant to make them ‘easier’.

They are all achievable solo but it will take you longer :slight_smile:

I hope you will play through these chains and enjoy them. These are to get you started whilst I plough on with a lot more :slight_smile:


Big thank you to @DeepOne for his coding excellence and @prevuk for helping me test these missions and keeping me sane :slight_smile:

There are now 41 Combat Missions active on the Live game Server. As mentioned earlier new players and those with only low level combat related skills should go see the Phoenix Coordinator. Her will set you off on a the combat path.

Moving on from There Robert Mazur will take over your training, introducing you to others along the way.

Should you be a little more advanced and have at least Small Energy Weapon Systems under your belt you can try talking with Curtimoo over in Zeonis. You may have to use some savvy to complete his early missions but soon it becomes an all out combat fest :slight_smile:

After you’ve done him some favors of course :slight_smile:

These missions, are early offerings to the Combat Gods, and we will continue to poke and prod the player base to see how they are played and completed.

Please Note :
If you’d like to see more combat missions of a harder type please leave your Ship Load out below and also state what law level you feel comfortable to hunt in.

This info will help us create more challenging scenarios for you.


Yesterday saw some more NPC’s come to life starting with Bureaucrat Unit 41. You can find ‘Her’ over at Fendris Dock in Xantana.

Again a fairly low to mid level combat toon with some running around involved as well.

I’ll keep posting as new NPC’s come to life so keep an eye on the forums.


P.S any spelling or issues please DO let us know.

From: Timil Deepson, Captain of the Rocinante

To Whom It May Concern,

We are having an “issue” with one of our crew, a certain Captain Atoyot, our Combat Specialist.

Seems his helmet is fitting a bit tight these days. He’s been strutting around the cantina boasting about his combat victories and bragging about his new ship, a Guardian Blade, and how he’s using it to “cut up the competition.”

With his shields at 2100 and his three Foreen A.R.C. Laser C3s, he now claims, “I’m invincible!” (We think he’s a looney.)

Don’t get me wrong. We don’t want to see his hull breached or anything, but could you maybe notify us of any new combat missions that might, well, bring him down a notch or two?

Capt. Timil Deepson

Wow, very nice shields! With shielding that high I can see why he’s not afraid of anybody. Even if he’s attacked by 5 Kressler Pack Hunters in Luther, he can easily slip away without any armor damage.

Hi Tom,

Yeah, he’s run into packs of 4 or 5 of all the different high-end bad guys and can occasionally destroy one before having to “bug out.” At 2100, he gets 420 points of repair to the shields each minute. In addition to that, he has an armor repair unit installed, so he can even stay a bit longer after the shields are gone. That’s living a bit dangerously, but it makes for some exciting battles.