Combat Question


I just started yesterday and have enough money to buy a weapon but then when i was looking online for combat information, it dawned on me that maybe it was not in yet. So, my question is, should I skip spending 50k credits on a weapon for now?

I’d hate to spend my money on something, especially that expensive, well, expensive for me at the moment, if it isn’t going to be able to be used :smile:


Combat is not tooo far away, but not active yet.

Save your money for now :wink:

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Since the thread is here,

  1. How will docked ships be handled in combat also at the jump gate?
  2. Will combat be enabled inside asteroid fields or just in normal space?
  3. Will the global message like damage, harvester, and crate retrieval be altered so a miners position is not given away so easily? Also will derelict recovery have similar messages as well as PvP combat so bandit hunters can return the favor?
  4. Can one ship “block” another ship by getting between them and where they want to go or block docking by sitting on gates, planets, space stations?
  5. And finally will you be able to “escape” from combat?
  6. Will there be cloaking and if so will scanners be able to see them?

We are still working on it. We have hit a couple of road blocks that we are working through, but as soon as we have information to share we will make a post.

Thank you for the heads up. I’m looking forward to the addition. It will make mining a bit more challenging.