Combat Report (small data sample)


I have been using my fighter the past few days and wanted to provide some data based on a current change in LL6 encounters.

My Fighter is level 34 flying a Raven - Scimitar with 700 shield and doing about 29 damage per cycle using 2 weapons.

A few days ago I could attack one pirate and about 30 seconds later a second would join the fray. Typically I could continue the fight and kill the first pirate, then attack the second and often kill it before possibly having to leave combat, depending on whether any other pirates attacked.

Today, when I attack in various LL6 locations (Wellspring for example) the second pirate joins the fight sooner and a third joins in only 30-45 seconds later. I’ve tried staying long enough to get at least one kill on three occasions, but once a forth pirate joins the fight I’ve had to simply escape, each time without a kill.

I’m not complaining, clearly I need to upgrade weapons, shield, etc… But I just wanted to note the difference in the celerity of aggressiveness and the increase in number of attackers, a change from just a few days ago. So at present, this level 34 Fighter is unable to support my Miner in LL6 locations. Again, it may simply be that he needs many more upgrades, but it’s just different than a few days ago, that’s all. I understand finding a good combat balance is ongoing, so I just wanted to provide some updated data based on my battles.


Thanks for the feedback, it is indeed very important in order to get combat balance right asap.

I have fought in LL6 as well. My fighter has 2 Federation Pulse Laser R3’s, and 400 Shields. I was able to kill an enemy or two in LL6, but had the same experience where within a few minutes I had 4 attackers and had to retreat. It seems that our weapons are still fairly weak, and I’m already working toward a Foreen ARC Laser. At this point at least, I can’t handle LL6 by myself. :wink:

Thats good, at this stage you shouldn’t be able to :wink: