Completed Refining Sessions NOT Complete Until PickUp !?

Hi Everyone,

I set up three refining sessions all at once at one station then travelled away. I got 3 new mail messages saying all 3 sessions had completed.

Then I tried to start a new session at a different refinery but the game wouldn’t allow it as it “thinks” I still have 3 sessions (my max) in progress.

So it seems that until you physically collect the results from your refining sessions, those sessions are still considered “In Progress.”

IMO, it would make more sense that once these sessions are complete, you could start new sessions at any refinery and just collect completed refined ore when it was convenient.

What does everyone think?


That is correct. You are placing your ore into a facility that does the processing. You are skilled to use 3 “slots” in that facility. Until you collect the output, those slots are still in use, so you cannot create more.

What if it was not convenient to collect it for a few weeks, and you were not in a rush? How quickly do you think the game would fill up with “abandoned” refinery batches ?