Contract Management skill, player opening non-shop offices

This is a small thing that bugs me as a miner: lack of a needed Galactic Storage Facility.

And a suggestion: add a Contract Management Skill, and instead of just being able to buy a settlement space as a personal shop, let players pay (a lot of credits) to open other stores, like a Galactic Storage Facility, Promenade Storage Facility, Goldarn Recycling, combat offices, etc.

The description, or perhaps a little information icon (the “[?]” icons) could say “Sponsored by Billy Bob.”

The Contract Management skill would not be useful until level 4, when it would allow creating one of the Storage Facilities. Higher levels would unlock other facilities, up to level 8.

Only one office of a kind on a planet, and no sponsoring one in a system with that office, so players cannot choke a system with Galactic Storage Facilities.

Pilots get one “sponsored by” for every even level of Contract Management acquired, so one player could have a max of four per pilot, 24 total. That could even be cut in half an be perfectly useful (one at L4, the second at L8).

Why: It would let players shape the world. If players don’t like a star lane lacking in storage facilities, put one there yourself! Invest in the world! This would also let players shape the world without being restricted to another ore or loot storefront.

For Coops: allow the sale to be credits or TSC. Let players who want a Storage Facility drop a bit of cash to place one.