Coops Lost 'Festive Loot'

Well, it had to happen sooner or later!

I’m busy working away on the latest crafting schematic with a dozen new loot items in my inventory and BANG! I smack into a Hauler making his way across the space lanes with no hazard lights on!

Man these miners - what ARE they like!

I didn’t spot the actual issue until an hour later. Several thousand units of my new loots had fallen out of my cargo hold due to a large gash in my hold. Rushing back to the scene of the accident, I arrived in time to see the last of my loot being tractored in by a passing pirate!

Try as I might I can’t get them to give up my lost loot so I thought I’d ask you to help me out.

So here’s the Challenge!

Kill Enemy Ships. By now the loot has been disseminated everywhere so won’t matter who you kill they all have a ‘chance’ to have the loot onboard.

Loot my ‘Coops Lost Festive Loot 1 and Coops Lost Festive Loot 2’

Collect them in STACKS of 50! (no less)

Trade UNIQUE STACKS to ME (Coops) in the game for your reward! You can do this from your Ships Cargo Bay sending them via in-game Email.

REWARD - Skill Reduction Minutes!
Each stack (of 50 lost loot) sent to me (Coops) that arrives and is validated by me, I will award you 120 Minutes of Skill Reduction and 1,000 Fuel (to your Depot)

To be clear you need to send EITHER a stack of 50 Loot 1 or 50 Loot 2. Meaning I don’t want split / partial stacks :slight_smile: But you may send me as many stacks as you like during the ‘Festive Period’.

This Competiton Closes on the 30th of November (Game Time) at midnight. Any stacks sent to me after this will simply disappear.

These Festive Loots have NO Value anywhere else in the game and will disappear from your stores shortly after the competition closes.

Happy Hunting!

Reduced numbers required to 50 in the Hope I might actually get some Back!

Already had a number of captains handing in stacks of 50 of the various types. But I note that some of you seem to be holding on to them. Don’t hold on to them for toooo long this offer is ONLY open till the 30th of November!

After that the items will simply disappear!


A number of you took part in this ‘first’ collect and hand in competition. I handed out a fair amount of Timer Reduction points and lots of Fuel!

If you missed it - keep an eye open for the next one!

All the Lost Festive Loot has now left the game.