Crafting Database and CRL - Primer

Today sees the release of a new feature in PT, the Crafting Database, and Crafting Request List (C.R.L)

You will find a link in the Side Menu under the Trade heading

The Crafting database is a list of all the craftable items in the game (and this list will expand as new schematics are added) that you can browse in one place, see the skill requirements and stats etc.

When you have planned your progression, you can then place a request for an item to be crafted, like this:

When you place your request, it will display in the CRL. Anyone can browse the CRL, and if they have the schematics and the skills to build the item you are after, they can get in touch with you and you can hammer out a deal between yourselves.

The CRL can be accessed from the top of the Crafting Database, and looks like this:

If the request was made by you, the listing will have a character icon beside it. If the order has been fulfilled, there will be a small wrench beside it.

Clicking on the listing will show you the item details and also the name of the player that has made the request, so that you can get in touch with them.

This system has been created/added for 2 reasons.

Firstly, it will enable you to browse all the tech available in game, and with the mouse overs, will allow you to see the skill requirements, so that you may plan your progression through the lasers, or reactors etc.

Secondly, it will open up a line of communication between the crafters in game, and the players that until now had no idea who to approach to get stuff built for them.

I hope you find it useful, and as always, please report any issues that may arise with it.