Crafting Database (visual)

Ever got lost in the crafting database, trying to figure out whether you have enough energy to support the item or which skills would be needed before you could actually use an item?

I made this overview of mining scanners:

If you like it, I will try making and uploading similar pictures for other item types.

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Nice visual! Maybe if you shaded the skill requirements, that would make them stand out from the actual scanners. I know you used boxes with rounded corners, but color or shading would help to distinguish them.

The Level 10 Scanner actually requires level 8 in Electronic Secondary Sub System, which requires level 8 in Electronic Secondary Systems.

Thanks for the feedback, I corrected my list and regenerated the drawing.
The tool that I use for generation does not allow for much customization, but I have chosen another rectangle for the mining scanners which should make it more different from the skills.

38 craftable Energy / Reactors in the following 3 pictures:

Low Level Generators (Energy < 1250)

Medium Level Generators (1250 <= Energy < 2200)

High Energy Generators (2200 <= Energy)

9 Craftable shields

21 craftable lasers, subcategories: asteroid mining and ice mining
Asteroid Mining

Ice Mining

5 craftable combat scanners
Combat Scanners

It was about time for another category: Craftable Combat Lasers and all other stuff that goes into the weapon slot.
Salvage Lasers, Repair Lasers, Combat Lasers

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