Damage Has Consequences

Tomorrow at about noon Game Time (as shown at the bottom left of the footer in the game) I will be activating the code that will destroys any ship that falls to zero hull.

This is partly in preparation for combat that will be coming fairly soon, but also a part of the event code that was added a while back (the orange messages that you get from time to time)

This is a polite warning to all players. GET A SHIELD FITTED!

Once you have a shield fitted, this should prevent a large proportion of the damage you get falling through to your armour or hull. If you travel to low law level areas it will likely not stop it all. So, if you get any damage to your armour, or your hull, GO TO A REPAIR FACILITY and get the damage repaired. It will cost you a few credits, but keeping on top of the damage will save you a huge amount if the worst happens.

Get used to this change early on, and get into the habit of keeping your damage repaired, and shields maxed, as this change coming tomorrow will do the following if your hull falls to zero:

  1. Destroy all items that are fitted to your ship.
  2. Destroy all items stored in your ship (both cargo bay AND ship store)
  3. Delete any missions that you might be carrying
  4. Destroy your ship and dump you in an escape pod.

The escape pod is good for nothing other than getting you to a starbase to swap to another chassis.

The kind folks at the Phoenix Insurance Bureau will send you a replacement Marauder, but that is all you will get. If you are flying a bigger, better ship, you lose it, and get back a Marauder.

With normal gameplay, and making sure you have the best shields you can fit, and keeping up with repairs, there is NO REASON why you should suffer a hull breach. If you do, it is most likely that you were not paying attention. Losing a ship and everything in it can potentially be a very expensive loss, so keep your wits about you.

Insurance offices will be appearing on a promenade near you soon!

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This code has now been released and is live (following a couple of issues while doing final testing this morning)

If your hull gets to 0, your ship will now be destroyed, so keep an eye on your shields, and keep up with your armour and hull repairs!

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