Day Trader a "must" for Crafting Profession?

Since Commodities are required for higher level crafting, and since they must be held in the cargo hold, it seems that all crafters who wish to further their chosen profession must also be Day Traders.

I read an earlier post from Dec. 2015 on this but did not see anything else.

So, if the game requires all crafters to also be day traders, it would be useful for players to be informed of this up front so they could research trader skills and crafting skills at the same time. Otherwise, they reach a crafting point where they are “dead in the water” and unable to craft new items until the trading skill level catches up.

I understand from the previous post why commodities work the way they do, but it would be very helpful to inform players that if they choose crafting, they should be sure to begin their trading career as well. Maybe this requirement could be mentioned within the text of an early crafting mission. :slight_smile:

We are still working on the intricacies of the profession styles, but yes, in principle I agree it would be helpful to mention this early on in a crafters career.

At this stage a crafter is not a stand alone profession boost, it is a skill set that is picked up as the player goes along, to complement another career.

We will certainly take your comments on board as we progress :slight_smile:

Indeed, I need to rerun and revisit the current 209 active missions. We have made some fairly heavy impacts on the game systems (mining and combat) that affect many aspects of the current slew of starter missions.

I will set aside time and re-run and review these missions. Including the crafting profession directed ones.


So mid level crafting uses commodities such as the envoy class ship as an example and the higher level crafting will need scavenger components such as the centaur class ship as well as weapons, and devices? I haven’t checked the centaur class crafting yet so I’m simply guessing.