Day trader Questions

Just tried trading a little. Nice fun! but I have few questions :smile:

  1. Do resources stick to planets for ever? Do needs of planets change over time?
  2. Can I assume that I always make profit from trading (Any profit, even 1cr/unit)? Or no loss, at least?
  3. Should all planets/station have Import and Export? Both planets on Astra have no resources to sell - Should I report it as a bug?
  4. If Item is sold out - is it displayed (“available - 0 units”) or removed from list? I try to make map of resources…
  5. Half Suggestion - Did you consider “fill hold” button? like: If player have less than 100 free space, clicking 100 would load as much cargo as possible?
  6. Half suggestion - Did you consider change buttons from 10,50,100 to 10,30,100? it would save a few clicks :smile:

A1: At the moment yes. We don’t currently have plans for the resources to move.

A2: Not necessarily, the value of TC’s will go up and down base don payer activities and time both at the sale point and the purchase point.

They do how ever have a normalisation period. So they will only ever go ‘so far out / up / down’ and then after a period return to their ‘default start values’.

A3: No

A4: You tell us - lol find one with no TC’s

A5: Not at this time - This would be limited by your Trade Commodity limit which would vary for each payer.

A6: We might but would depend on feedback. The TC offices have not been amended or changed since added. The Tickers for controlling stock levels and pricing has been amended a few times.

I personally think it works as it is atm.


Thanks for Answers :slight_smile: