Discord Changes [June 26th 2019]

I’ve spent nearly the entire day trying to resolve the issue we had in the last 12 hours where we got visited by a spam bot. Now there are lots of ways to resolve this with Discord but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible yet not have to resort to using external bots for support that may or may not stay supported or online.

Changes :

Registered email account required: You will now require to have registered an email address to your login for discord. This means quickly creating an account through the login and verifying your account (email). Once done it will then mean you will always be logging in with the same account and your new membership level will be remembered. This is discord second level of protection against bots. It wont stop them but it will cut down. From your perspective it’s a few mins out of your life - onetime.

New Visitors: New visitors that have not been to us before are placed in a new section of the chat #new-arrivals . Once we have confirmed they are an actual player of Core-Exiles or Project Terran they are then upgraded to ‘Member Status’ You can tell if your membership is upgraded as your text and account name will be displayed in blue.

This holding location for new visitors will mean that spammers are held in a single place where staff can deal with the postings and general ‘stupid behavior’. Keeping the rest of the chat free and open to normal fun.

IF you find yourself stuck in the new visitors section just give a staff member a hollar use their @name and we will see to it your upgraded and given back full access. I have already upgraded all the accounts that were showing as active in the last seven days. Those that roll in from now on will require manually upgrading.

This form of lock and block should result in a clean enviro0ment with only actual players being in the chat. I have also decided for now to turn off embedded links for non staff. This means you CAN still post links it just wont embed the image or gif ect that you linked too. I’ll review that one in a few weeks.

Finally, chat is an important part of our community. The use of Discord was welcomed by many, shunned by a few but overall its been a great tool for social interaction with fellow captains and yours truly. These changes have come about only because I want to see the chat preserved and kept free of spam and worse.