Docking Fee- Sliding Scale

The docking fee charged at a port is really only a factor to consider for new players. A player in a Marauder earns about 500 credits for a Dumont deliver, while a higher level player could easily earn 20,000 credits for a Dryden delivery. That represents 10% fee for a new player, and only a .25% fee for a high levle player.

In an effort to keep the Docking Fee a little more significant, I suggest to increase it based on the tier level of the ship. Perhaps double it for each additonal tier of your ship.

So a Marauder would pay a 50 credit docking fees, 100 credits for a tier 2 ship, 200 for a tier 3 ship, and 400 for one of the top level ships.

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Actually this idea makes a lot of sense. The bigger the ship, the more resources and space the ship will take when docked. Due to this increased expense at the port, the fee should be higher.