DotcomBoris inactive?

That member is the CEO of the only level 2 cartel and it’s bio says it’s open to anyone but I suspect he is inactive? Is there any active member in the Cartel that can accept new members? If so can my join request be accepted please.

If there are no active members or nobody minds I don’t mind taking over the CEO role so invites can be dealt with.

His account appears to have been pruned due to inactivity.

If any other member of the cartel would like to take ownership, get in touch :smiley:

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Well I’ve already volunteered myself, so in the absence of any other offers I’ll be happy to do it.

I don’t think it will help much to join, as my understanding is that 10 members are required before you can gain any bonus. :wink:

Well it’s nearly been a week, would (an admin) consider installing me as CEO on a trial basis, maybe if someone actually notices a new CEO they’ll pipe up and offer to take the role.

@prevuk Any chance you can do this?

Seeing as there have been no other responses, I will get it transferred over for you.

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Good stuff! :slight_smile: 11111

Still application pending,just fyi.

@prevuk Still no objections?

Well I was quite excited when you OKed me taking the CEO role, must admit I stopped holding my breath a while back :stuck_out_tongue:

Please accept my apologies, I have been snowed under with a new contract.

Should all be done, please let me know if you experience any issues (been a long time since I edited that table) :slight_smile:

Thanks muchly, all seems well.