Droids activated but not earning?

This has happened twice now. The first time I was not certain I had activated the droids, however I definitely did so yesterday, and today - no payment. Is this just me or has it happened to others too?

it happened to me 2 roll overs ago, but I did the same thing, was 99% sure I activated them but figured I just was wrong. however today they earned as they should so didn’t happen twice for me.

Confirmed, same here, as it’s normally the first thing I do, so I had no need to check later on the day. Now I always double check.

Prev is away on a trip for the next few days but he will look into this on his return. One point to bare in mind as some of you may be playing is different time zones is the droids have to be active in the time frame prior to the roll at Midnight.

I know this may be obvious but as long as you r using GAME TIME and not your own local midnight as a point of reference :smile:

Just a msall point to clarify before Prev sticks his head in the Code Box.

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