Droids income, ideas and suggestions

As droids have now become interactive, I would like to see the income generated dependent on how much of the 24hour period they are active, ie if you activate in the first hour past the rollover (which makes them inactive) you get the max amount of income from them and for each hour it takes for you to activate them after that your income is reduced by 1/24th of the max (rounded).

Thoughts anyone.

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I don’t know. I think if it takes the same amount of energy to activate them regardless of the time of day, then they should make the same money, or range of money. I wouldn’t mind a variable amount taken during the day; or perhaps lower the amount of energy needed to activate as the day goes on as a result of a lower potential take?

I’m Against it. too many time zones. If one get to bed just before droids tick one has problem. Alternatively, each player can set mark for its droids, so you have to click on AUS morning, I have to click EU morning, etc.

Or, each droid gives money every hour (1/24 of daily amount). Droids starts inactive. Player kick them and that gives them enough energy to run for 24h. Player can kick them again every time, filling their batteries to Max (that is, droid works 24h since last kick).


like the idea, and it makes sense.

Piko’s idea makes the most sense to me. As it is, people who are sleeping/offline when they get paid get all of their money mugged away before morning. By using a set 24hr from time that the droid is started you should get paid when you are online the next day.

The other option is to be immune from muggings/attacks when you are offline. Otherwise it isn’t going to make sense for people in Europe to use drones when the Americas people steal all of their money.

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Pablem: You are “immune” for income from Droids if you have PA.
Than it goes directly into your bank account.

Piko’s idea makes sence, either that or leave it as it is.

This idea I like.
It could be expanded by having to click the activate 4 times each click putting 8 hours energy into the droid.

Agree get 1/24th per ph. But would have to run and payout from when you start it. currently mine pay out at midnight. good news to American muggers who could benefit if I wasnt so poor. :smile: