Droids now become interactive!

Today sees the first iteration of interactive droids. Up until now, you purchased droids, and they just sat there earning you cash. This has now changed.

When you buy droids now, you will need to activate them in order for them to earn cash. This is an easy process. Simply go to the Droid Labs (you will find a link on every promenade, or click the link I have added to your profile.)

Here you will see any droids that you have:

All you need to do is click the activate link once a day. This will cost a little energy, but otherwise is a simple process. You may of course find that if you have a lot of droids, you may need to activate them in batches through the day, while your stats regenerate.

You will see a condition stat on your droids. This is not yet active, but will be soon!

Now, this is as I say the first iteration. there will be changes, additions, tweaks etc. If you have ideas to expand on the droids, then let us hear them.

I have propagated everyone with droids so that you all should have the correct number, and have activated them for you for the first rollover. I have carefully checked and double checked the rollover code, so expect everything to go smoothly tonight. I will be around to check it runs the first time without issue.

If you have bought droids, but do not see them in the droid labs like the image above (you will likely not have that many!), LET ME KNOW ASAP and I will ensure that they are activated for you.